Amazon is being asked to review its Flex program after a driver entered a resident's home in Sarasota.

  • Michael Lentini wants change to Amazon Flex program
  • Twice in recent weeks, delivery driver has entered his home, he says
  • Amazon says it's working with homeowner on resolution

Video shows a delivery driver pulling up to someone's home. Seconds later, he's seen walking around inside.

Homeowner Michael Lentini said it has occurred twice in recent days.

In one instance, after about 10 minutes, the driver and Lentini came face-to-face.

There was no confrontation, but Lentini said communicating was difficult due to a language barrier.

He got his package but hopes the incident will cause Amazon to make changes to its program that allows unaffiliated people to deliver packages.

Spectrum News reached out to Amazon officials. They said they are working directly with the homeowner to resolve the issue.