A Citrus County church is offering free food boxes over the next several weeks for anyone who needs them.

Thursday was the first day of distribution.

  • Drive organized by New Church Without Walls pastor
  • Boxes contain snacks, fruit, pasta products
  • Distribution will continue until food is gone

Hundreds of people came out to the New Church Without Walls in Hernando Thursday to receive food boxes from FEMA as well as fresh food items from the organization Farm Share.

The church said the boxes are excess food boxes from FEMA that the organization distributes to different non-profit organizations. The church said there are still many people in the area recovering from Hurricane Irma, but they stressed this food is for anyone who needs it.

Brian Wilkins said he and his family came here because they have been struggling financially. While their home was spared by Irma, their shed was damaged. And they've been struggling to get everything cleaned up and repaired on a fixed income.

"It helps us out because we're struggling. We don't have nothing in our refrigerator," Wilkins said.

Other people didn't need the food for themselves, but picked up items for their elderly neighbors or to give to other churches or organizations to distribute.

"We have lots of neighbors who aren't able to get out for themselves.  I think it's a wonderful plan and people are going to appreciate this," Anna Swain said.

The drive was organized by New Church Without Walls Pastor Douglas Alexander. Giving back and feeding those in need is one of the church's biggest ministries.

"We're not looking for numbers here. We just want to be a blessing and a help to a lot of people and a lot of churches and a lot of our community," Alexander said.

Everyone who comes to the church will be given three of the boxes to take home. Inside are snacks, fruit, and pasta products that volunteers hope can be a big relief for those who are in need.

"We believe that any little help any little bit that you can help anything will help people to feel a little better and just kind of help their pockets a little bit," Alexander said.

So far, two trucks have come to drop over supplies. Alexander said a total of 60 will be coming in the next several weeks.

The food will be available on Tuesdays-Fridays starting at 11:30 a.m. each day. Alexander said they will continue distributing the food until it is gone. No paperwork or prior registration is needed.