The newly sworn in City of Davenport Mayor has resigned after a controversy over an alleged felony warrant. 

  • Newly sworn in Mayor of Davenport resigns
  • Barbara Pierson had an alleged felony warrant from out of state
  • Callihan praises decision
  • Warrant was actually outdated

Officials said an anonymous tip alerted city officials about an alleged felony warrant from out of state regarding Mayor Barbara Pierson. 

Pierson decided to step down and resign, a decision City Manage Kelly Callihan praised. 

"That shows her character. She pretty much didn't want to damage the city in any way and that's what she stated to me," Callihan said. 

Pierson had just replaced former Mayor Darlene Bradley, who was arrested last year for using handicap placards that were assigned to dead people. 

Within 24 hours of Pierson's resignation, Callihan said a judge in Michigan learned what happened and straightened everything out. It turns out that the warrant was outdated. 

However, the city has already filled Pierson's position. Former Vice Mayor Rob Robinson is now acting mayor of the city.