Largo Police arrested an airline executive and former high school volunteer Tuesday after a private investigator allegedly uncovered a case of cyberstalking, revenge porn and harassment.

  • Man charged with aggravated stalking, cyber harassment
  • Bruce Joseph dated young woman, who broke up with him
  • Mom said Joseph then posted nude photos of daughter
  • Mom hired private investigator, who turned over data to police

The mother of the victim is now warning others about the dangers of sending nude photos.

The woman first contacted Hubbard Investigations after the family began receiving harassing text messages and emails, including naked pictures of her 19-year-old daughter. 

Following a two-month investigation, John Hubbard turned over the data he gathered to Largo Police, who arrested Bruce Joseph, 57. 

According to the family, the daughter first met Joseph in October 2015 while he chaperoned an event for Calvary Christian High School, where his wife works.

The two reportedly began a sexual relationship after the young woman graduated, but after she broke up with him, her mother says he wanted revenge.

According to investigators, Joseph created several accounts on social media and dating websites using the 19-year-old's name and naked photos of her. 

He also sent harassing messages to her family and friends, investigators said. Additionally, he invited men and women he met online using the imposter accounts to come over to the 19-year-old's home under the premise that she wanted to have sex with them, investigators said. 

"The most alarming is when he sent total strangers to her apartment and gave turn-by-turn directions of exactly how to get there," Hubbard said.

The mother said Joseph was once a family friend. 

"I'm hurt. I don't know what I'd say, because he was a family friend and I'm so hurt and disappointed to know that someone that you think is your friend is really not your friend," the mother said.

The 19-year-old's mother said she hopes this shows young people the dangers of sending those kinds of photos.

Joseph has been charged with sexual cyber harassment, criminal use of personal identification and aggravated stalking and has bonded out of jail. 

Hubbard said he thinks this is not an isolated incident and that there may be more victims.

"Over the course of our investigation, we have found that Joseph utilized numerous aliases and had relationships with many young women around the country. I hope now that he has been arrested, if there are other victims out there, that they will feel safe coming forward.”