Children in Brevard County are using their craft skills to brighten up the day of other kids battling cancer.

  • Sixth graders at Sea Park Elementary knit quilt squares
  • Squares made into quilts for kids battling cancer

All 46 sixth graders at Satellite Beach's Sea Park Elementary School spent a couple months knitting six-inch squares with their own unique designs.

It's part of the Quilts For Kids project.

The local Lions Club donated $250, and a pair of quilters, Nina Bachman and Debbie List, assembled the designs into two quilts.

“Do it for the kids that have cancer in the hospital, so a lot of us wanted to make ours bright and have a lot of color because we didn't want people to be sad in the hospital,” said Sara Beth Fox with Quilts For Kids.

The quilts will be delivered to children very soon.