Authorities are looking for someone who may have started a brush fire that torched a hundred acres and damaged three homes in Hernando County.

Fire officials say the fire started on Kingbird Road, not far from U.S. 19 on Friday afternoon.

They say the cause is suspicious.

No one was hurt, but in just a few hours, once-green woods turned to gray and ash.

“It’s just crazy how it happened in a matter of seconds,” witness Collin Sowden said.

Three homes were damaged, including one that is considered a loss.

Residents who lived nearby were angry that someone may have caused the fire.

“They had just bought new furniture last week. The owner was saying how happy she was in her house, and now it’s all gone,” Jan Summers said.

The fire swelled to at least 100 acres. Brush continued to smolder Saturday.

Hernando County officials continue to investigate. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.