Firefighters are worried there will be more intense brush fires this year, thanks to Hurricane Irma.

  • Firefighters worried about more intense brush fires
  • Debris left from Hurricane Irma creates more fuel
  • Firefighters responded to 2 brush fires in the last few days

All of the debris that is down creates more fuel for fires in wooded areas.

Pasco County Fire Rescue is already dealing with brush fires, responding to two in just the last few days.

Fire Chief Shawn Whited said conditions are ripe for more.

“You look at brush, it’s very brittle. There’s no moisture in this at all,” he said. “You got a lot of dry leaves. That will burn real fast.”

There’s even more of that this year thanks to Hurricane Imra leaving debris behind, according to Whited. The recent freezes also left some dry brush behind.

“That brush accumulates. That gives a fire more fuel to burn. It’s going to burn faster and hotter,” Whited said.

Fire officials don’t want anyone to panic. They just want everyone to be careful.

The fires over the last few days in Pasco were started because of illegal burning that got out of control.

There are also some prescribed burns designed to burn up some fuel.

There are no burn bans in place right now.

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