A woman in fear for her life was forced to call 911 Sunday night in Wesley Chapel after stopping to help someone she thought was in need. 

  • Woman stopped to help man on State Road 54
  • She pulled off with him hanging out car window
  • Woman was able to call 911 before he fell off car 

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, Tracey Barnes stopped after a man waved her down on State Road 54. But when she pulled over and rolled down the window, the man tried carjacking her. 

And as Barnes pulled off, the man tried to crawl into her car through the window, officials said. 

Barnes managed to call 911 as she drove down the road with 21-year-old Yosim Amaya hanging out of the driver's side window. That's where he stayed as she drove down 54 from Vandine Road to Boyette Road - a distance of a half mile. 

Eventually, he fell off the vehicle. Passerbys held him down until deputies arrived.

Amaya is now facing charges of robbery carjacking. He had already been facing child abuse charges in Manatee County. 

Barnes was not injured.