Southeastern University in Lakeland is a Christian university that has become a staple in the community. 

  • Southeastern University home to school for students with disabilities
  • Pathways school dedicated to learning disabled students
  • Middle, high school kids get to interact with college students

It's also home to middle and high school students with disabilities. The Pathways school is dedicated entirely to learning disabled students.

They get a huge amount of personal attention -- from working on motor skills to reading skills. 

It's not only the small environment of the Pathways school that is an advantage, but the bigger environment of the college campus. Plus, college students volunteer at Pathways. 

Pathways students enjoy events like dancing with the college kids and eating in the university's cafeteria with college students. 

Teachers say the college students have embraced the middle and high school kids. 

"They come along side them and embrace them and help them. Which is the safest learning place for our students because they are learning those social skills and how to be a community," Teacher Katlyn Elliot said. 

The Pathways school has 39 students. Tuition for the school is about $16,000 a year, but many of the students qualify for scholarships.