Two more reports to St. Petersburg Police by women who say they were touched inappropriately by former Rays team doctor Dr. Michael Reilly have surfaced, one by a former employee, the other by a former patient.

  • Former employee said Reilly rubbed her back without permission
  • Former patient said Reilly slapped her buttocks with open hand twice
  • Statute of limitations has concluded in all cases

Brianna Holzerland, the first woman to come forward with accusations of inappropriate contact by Reilly, posted what she called an "awareness video" on YouTube in January about the alleged abuse, which she said occurred while she was working for him in St. Petersburg. 

"He was more or less a father figure to me and helped me in school and other people can attest to that, just people who know him, you know, he does that," Holzerland said. "He really he just went too far, and he's gone too far with several other people."

Brianna Holzerland, the first woman to share her story regarding alleged abuse by Dr. Michael Reilly, Thursday, March 8, 2018. (Michael Martin, staff)

One of those other people was also a former employee. The now 24 year old told detectives that Reilly rubbed her back for 20-30 minutes without permission, according to police reports. She said she felt "very uncomfortable" about his rubbing her.

The same woman said on one occasion during a hug Reilly wrapped his arms around her, slowly thrusting his pelvis towards her.

Another woman, a former patient, told detectives that after a procedure Reilly used an open hand to slap her buttocks. She went on to say that when she was leaving, Reilly did it again.

In all three cases, the statute of limitations has concluded. St. Petersburg Police is not pursuing charges at this point.

Reilly has not commented on the most recent allegations to surface. He did issue a statement in connection with Holzerland, where he said, "I deny her allegations of sexual abuse. We did, however, have a consensual relationship when she was an adult, which I regret."

Holzerland said it was not her intention to charge anyone. Instead, almost ten years later, she wanted to share her story to bring about awareness.

"I don't want to sit here for two to three years going through a process that is now done and over with as far as I'm concerned."

Holzerland went on tell us she's glad other women are now coming forward about Reilly's alleged behavior.

We reached out to Reilly and his attorney for comment on this story, but they have yet to issue any comment.