Hillsborough Community College's Ybor City campus will hold an "Arts Immersion Day" Oct. 26 for prospective students to gain first-hand experience with their dance, visual arts, theater and music programs.

Students Nicole Robinson and Ashley Levy, both students in the college's Dance program, are getting ready for the event.

“We actually have a dance that we are doing right now, and we are going to be performing,” explained Levy, a first-year student.

Levy is also a lifelong devotee to dance. For Robinson, dance has been her go-to for self-expression since she was two-years-old.

The two students float through ballet class with the confidence of dance veterans.

“Anything that you’re feeling it’s let out through dance,” she said, “and anything you want to be or want to express you can do that through dance.”

Though it’s their first year, it’s actually Levy and Robinson's second Arts Immersion Day. Last year, they were the perspective students, trying out courses and trying on the school’s dance program, along with current students.

“Just seeing them and just having them interact with us and tell us more about the school was really awesome,” said Robinson.

"This is a great tool-- a recruitment tool for the college," said Dr. Keith Berry, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Ybor City Campus. “It's a great way to expose students to all the facilities and faculty that we have on campus."

Dr. Berry attributes the success of the program to the hard work of the faculty.

A positive student experience can’t hurt either.

And dancers Robinson and Levy are ready to share their experience for the next group of high school seniors and potential dance students.

“I really want more people to know about how great this school is,” said Robinson.