Fridays have always been awesome, but they were particularly amazing in the 1990s when they consisted of the TGIF lineup.

  • Shows from the 90s TGIF lineup are returning
  • Step By Step, "Perfect Strangers" are streaming on Hulu
  • New generation will get to discover the shows

Fast forward to 2017, and kids today can watch what we watched, but in a different way.

Eight hundred episodes of shows like "Step By Step," "Family Matters" and "Perfect Strangers" are now streaming on Hulu.

So the casts are reuniting. (Well, sort of - at least for the sake of interviews.)

We got the chance to chat with Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker ("Perfect Strangers") and Patrick Duffy ("Step By Step").  

"I'm used to grown-ups saying, 'I grew up watching your show,' Linn-Baker said. "Usually the kids stare up and go, 'Who are they talking to?' But I did run into some people, the kids looked up and said, 'Larry! Cousin Larry!' I said, 'How do you kids know this show?' They had recorded all of those shows to make sure their kids watched them."

Duffy says people who don't watch regular "normal" television will get to discover these show.

"They watch digitally, and that's a different audience," Duffy said. "That's almost an audience that you can't get to unless you're on their platform. The humor stands up. It's a freeing kind of humor. It's not a socially important kind of thing. And those people - especially younger, I think, on average - are going to discover what television was like back in those times and I think it was good TV."

"One thing I miss so much was that all the time the show was on, if you walk into a room, you owned all the kids in the room," Pinchot said. "There was no shyness. They'd just climb up all over you."

"We're very happy that it's out there again because I would love the next generation of people to see what we did," Linn-Baker said.

Watch the unedited interview with the "Perfect Strangers" duo in the VIDEO section up top.