Can you imagine going on a road trip with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne?

  • Ozzy, Jack Osbourne hit road again for 'World Detour' season 2
  • Episodes available online
  • Season 2 premiered on Nov. 8

Well, the Prince of Darkness and his adventure-loving son Jack are hitting the road in season two of A&E's "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour."

The famed heavy-metal singer says he's not retiring any time soon, but he has announced a final world tour.

"I can understand why the RV meant so much, now that you're retired from going out on the road," his son Jack teases his father about retirement.

"Will you stop with this f***ing retirement ****?” Ozzy exclaimed. “I’m not f***ing retired. Sabbath years, not me!"

Meanwhile, Osbourne and son have hit the road for what is being billed as a "billion mile road trip," and it started here in Florida. 

Jack tells us that the RV didn't have the chance to make a stop in the Central Florida area, since all eyes were on getting up to Georgia during that leg of the trip.

All ten episodes from season one of "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour" are available online, and new episodes will air Wednesday nights on A&E.

But what about all this talk over retirement?  Jack Osbourne puts it into perspective.

"Dad hates it when you say 'retirement,' but I don't really know.  I think this tour thing kinda came up relatively... he was just like, 'Ah, let's just go back out on the road' and they put it all together,” Jack said.

“Will he perform after that from time to time? I don't think it's really retirement for him.  He can’t retire!"

Season two of "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour" started airing Nov. 8 on A&E.