Two walrus calves are making their debut at SeaWorld Orlando.

  • Walrus calves debut at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Ginger and Aku are park of the Wild Arctic habitat
  • The two have become fast friends

Ginger and Aku are now part of the theme park’s Wild Arctic habitat.

The two calves were first introduced to each other in November, when Aku was brought to Orlando after being rescued from a gold mining dredge off the Alaska coast. Since then, the two have become fast friends, according to SeaWorld.

Ginger was born at SeaWorld in June. 

The two calves have become fast friends, according to SeaWorld. Both are receiving around-the-clock care at their new homes.

Ginger and Aku share the exhibit with several other animal species found in arctic water, including Pacific walruses and beluga whales.

The addition of the walrus calves will give guests a chance to learn more about the animals and what they can do to help. Guest will get to see the walruses play and interact with their care staff.

Walruses in the wild face threats such as habitat loss and dwindling food supply.

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