Part of the popular Alligator Alley Trail at Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County has reopened to the public. 

  • Parts of Circle B Bar Reserve closed for IRMA reopened
  • Circle B Bar Reserve
  • Circle B Bar Reserve is almost 1,300 acres southeast of Lakeland

The trail has been closed to the public since Hurricane Irma due to debris. 

Circle B continues to be very popular. On a recent Monday afternoon there were hundreds of people there walking the nature trails and taking pictures. 

Comprised of almost 1,300 acres off Winter Lake Road just southeast of Lakeland, the reserve is an area of lands protected by Polk County.

“Yeah, this is my favorite place in the entire world,” said Amy DePalma from Pinellas County. “There is just wildlife everywhere,” she said. 

While DePalma was there she met follow Pinellas County residents Don Burnham and Jake Jacoby who were also taking pictures of wildlife. They compared notes on what kinds of pictures they took. 

Burnham got some nice pictures of hard to spot owls. “Mother nature does a great job of camouflaging the owls,” he said. 

Nature photographer Jake Jacoby is a huge Circle B fan and doesn’t think twice about driving to Polk County for a visit. 

"Well, it’s worth it," Jacoby said. "There is so much here to see and do."