The winner of this year's fan choice food item at the Florida State Fair is, well, a jerk -- but in a good way.

  • 2018 Fair Foodie Award goes to "Big Jerk"
  • Recipe weighs in over two pounds
  • Award voted on at Florida State Fair website

The Fair announced on Feb. 12 that the winner of its "Fair Foodie Award" for 2018 is "The Big Jerk," a dish constructed with tortilla chips layered with island rice and beans, shredded jerk chicken, lettuce, and Caribbean cheese sauce, topped with fresh Pico de Gallo. When all put together, it weighs in at around two pounds of food.

Created by Mitzanne Graver-Conway, the dish can be found every day at the Fair at the Caribbean Noodles food vendor, near the Midway Sky Eye.

"The Big Jerk" was one of 14 recipes submitted for consideration for the annual award, which fair attendees can vote on using the Fair's website. All of the other nominees for the award can also be purchased every day at their fair through its conclusion on Feb. 19.

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