A runaway couple goes on an unforgettable road trip even as one of them can hardly remember his family's names.

"The Leisure Seeker"
stars Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren and two-time Golden Globe-winner Donald Sutherland. The film uses comedy to deal with tough topics, like cancer and memory loss.

We landed an interview with Mirren, who touched upon love stories, Italian directors, and - tequila.

ALLISON WALKER TORRES: Dame Helen, if we weren't doing a satellite interview, I'd have brought two shots of tequila - one for me and you. Your Oscar shot about broke the Internet!

HELEN MIRREN: [Laughing] It was very good. Just a little tiny shot is all you need. [It's] dangerous to go any further, but just that little shot was fantastic.

AWT: It takes the edge off.

HM: I've got to carry a little hip flask from now on. You know, it came out of a little evening purse that Guillermo - Jimmy Kimmel's sort of comedy team-person - he had a little evening clutch that looked exactly like a little jeweled evening clutch. It was actually a little hip flask and had a screw top in it.

AWT: As I awkwardly transition from tequila to the film - The Leisure Seeker is about the end of a love story and the challenges of the happily-ever-after bit. I imagine a huge chunk of that is watching the love of your life start losing his memory.

HM: Yes, it must be very, very, very difficult... Especially in our story where the woman is dealing with her own health challenges, very profound health challenges. I guess the film - as a comedy; as a very sweet human sort of comedy - is dealing with all of those very difficult issues that all of us deal with when we come towards the end of our lives. It's something every single human being on this planet has to deal with at some point.

AWT: This was Paolo - the Italian director's - first English-language feature, if I have that right.

HM: Yes, first film in the English language ... And this is why I wanted to do the movie. I've seen his Italian movies and they deal with very serious subjects, but in a wonderfully comedic, absurd way. So you are literally, kinda, laughing and crying at the same time, and that's very much the kind of movie we wanted to make here.