Tampa's Carrollwood Players have a new take on a classic tale of good and evil, one they hope audiences will take in no matter how well they know the original show.

  • "Jekyll and Hyde" running through March 17
  • Original musical first performed in 1990
  • For tickets, visit carollwoodplayers.org

"Jekyll and Hyde" is a beloved musical that has been performed on stages all across the Bay area for decades. 

The show is based on story of a doctor who creates a new evil personal that wreaks havoc on the city of London. Erich Krzyzak plays those two opposing characters: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“It’s a great part it’s fun to try and explore a different personality that you might not ordinarily possess,” Krzyzak said.

However, Carrollwood Players has a new take on the classic tale. Instead of putting on the traditional production, this show takes a "show-within-a-show" approach to the material, focusing on a traveling Victorian Punk theatre group that stumbles upon an abandoned theater and puts on a production of "Jekyll and Hyde."

“This show has been done a lot people have heard the name of Jekyll and Hyde. They don’t need to come in here and see it the same way again,” Krzyzak said.

“We encourage the audience to come in here with a little bit of an open mind and they get to participate in the show,” he added.

And to make the Victorian Punk theme come alive, the cast is decked out in dozens of hand-made costumes and elaborate makeup.

“Basically just did some research and tried to keep some of that Victorian flare, but with a new vision,” Costume Designer Debbi Lastinger said.

“I took the faces and I blended the fluid with the harsh and the dark with the light -- it’s all about battling the good and evil,” Makeup Designer Drew Eberhard explained.

And since the show is performed in a smaller theater, you’ll really be able to see the costumes and make-up come to life.

The show is playing on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm at the Carrollwood Players Theatre through March 17. For tickets, visit carrollwoodplayers.org.