When it comes to fishing knots, they can be varied and often complex. Knowledge of the various knots and their proper applications can mean the difference between landing that personal best fish and simply losing your so-called 'catch of a lifetime' with no picture to prove it. From knots with live bait applications to line-to-line knots, these eight knots will work for almost any occasion or situation you may come accross on the water.

To the right you will find links to videos with step-by-step video instruction on how to tie several common knots paired with information for the proper applications to situations on the water.

Glen Pla walks you through a typical loop knot and the surgeon's knot.

Kris Greene goes step-by-step with you on how to tie a 6-3 knot and the Duncan uni knot.

Captain Art Paiva shows you the double uni and his special live bait loop knot.

Captain Bret Gamrot exhibits the blood knot and the bimini twist.