UPDATE: 5,000 3-pointers in 24 hours.

Although the once Gator great, Teddy Dupay, fell well short of the current Guinness World Record (10,381), he still won. His physically exhausting task raised $50,000 for economically disadvantaged kids.

With 7,555 attempts and 2,555 misses, Dupay shot 66.2% for the entire event.

The former Gator hit his 5,000th shot with a little more than 10 minutes to go.

Dupay cut off the tape around his hand and called it a full day after receiving a big ovation from the big crowd gathered at the Dream Center.

Dupay never slept during the entire 24 hours and faced numerous obstacles along the way.

He got severe cramps early on, deeply wore on his right wrist and hand with each shot, and even needed to receive IV fluids on two separate occasions.

Dupay was in so much pain a few hours into the event that he considered ending his attempt at the world record right then.

But he wanted to inspire the kids watching him at the Dream Center to never give up.

"You're never going to win when you quit," Dupay said. "Quitters never win; winners never quit. That's all there is to it."

"And there were several times yesterday where I was like, gosh, I'm hurting so bad- it's so painful- I don't think anyone would blame me.  But then I thought- all these guys (are) watching."

The $50,000 raised by Dupay will go toward helping kids reach their potential through the Academy Prep Centers in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Dupay said he'd go for the world record again at some point if he could raise more money to help kids.

Instead of going right to bed, Dupay plans to go out to dinner with his family after washing up from the 24 hour shooting session.




That is the current Guinness Book of World Records mark for most 3-pointers, NBA 3-pointers, made in 24 hours.

By 3:13 p.m. Thursday, former Gator three-point specialist, Teddy Dupay plans for that number set in 2012, to be history.

That charisma and confidence from his playing days hasn't changed.

"I'm shooting for 11,400," Dupay told reporters at the Dream Center in Tampa, where the "Threes for Kids" World Record Initiative is being held.

If anyone should attempt this record it would be the man once called "Teddy Ballgame". He is still the all-time leading prep scorer in the state of Florida with 3,744 career points at Cape Coral Mariner High.

Dupay is firing away as a fundraiser for Academy Prep Center of Tampa and St. Petersburg. All proceeds, from donations, sponsors and raffles, will go to the non-profit focused on educating economically disadvantaged kids.

"Everything is set up real nice," said Dupay about trying to raise $100,000. "We're going to make it a good, fun and enjoyable environment for everybody coming out today. We're going to raise a lot of money for the kids."

To break the record without taking a break Dupay would need to hit 433 three-pointers per hour. Dupay said he actually researched his approach.

"My goal is to make 12 a minute, for 50 minutes of every hour, for 19 of the 24 hours," said Dupay.

"So I'll be taking a 10 minute break every hour and then if I need more we've got five hours slotted in there to maybe lay down. If we're behind we just keep shooting."

There are four official spotters at the Dream Center counting the made baskets.

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