Pinellas Park sophomore running back Lawrance Toafili has made the state of Florida stand up and take notice. Just five games into his first full season on the varsity football team, the Patriots running back has run for 858 yards and nine touchdowns to rank 7th in the state in total rush yards.

"Productivity wise he is the top running back I have ever coached in 21 years of football." Strong words from his head coach Kenny Crawford who has coached his share of great running backs over the years. Toafili was called up during his freshman year last season from the JV squad after the starting running back went down, he ran for more then 400 yards in 5 games and proved he belonged up with the big boys.

"I like having all eyes on me, I like having the ball, it just feels like no other feeling, that's why I love it" gushes the young running back.

Pinellas County has never had a Mr. Football, but in just 10 games at the varsity level, Toafili has started to make players and coaches beleive he has what it takes to change all of that history. Currently "LT" as he is known to his friends and teamates averages 171.6 yards per game, second best average in the state and number one overall in the 7A division.

The Patriots are off to a 4-1 start in 2017 and are one failed two point conversion away from being undefeated. Toafili was born of Samoan desent, his last name means "Brave Leader" and on a team filled with young players including 13 sophomores, this young man has done just that, lead by example in the class room and on the field and now colleges are starting to take notice.

LT has been offered a scholarship from USF and will make a visit to Florida State but he is keeping his options wide open. Listing his favorite schools in no particular order as Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Florida and USF.