At West Orange on the football field head coach Bob Head has accomplished a lot. But on the volleyball court, his daughter Taylor Head has done even more.

The sophomore outside hitter is a state champion and along the way has earned the right to take it a little easy around the house.

“I tried to get her up for school Monday morning and she goes I’m a state champion,” Bob Head said. “I’m staying home today. I’m like oh my gosh. So she got to stay home because of a state championship.”

“I’ve been rubbing it in his face all weekend,” Taylor said. “I’m like so when are you going to get a state championship or do you have a state championship? No, you take the dog out.”

Taylor came up big for the Warriors in the 9A state title game.  She led the team with 19 kills and added 11 digs and four blocks. Eight of those kills came in the decisive third set as West Orange swept their way to victory capping an undefeated season.

“Saturday, definitely winning that will always stay with me. Over the season we’ve had so many good memories, like pregame meals with each other. I love this team.”

Taylor is just a sophomore and is already committed to Arkansas. And now with state title number one in West Orange volleyball history back in Winter Garden she’d like to rack up a few more.

“We’re hoping to do the same thing next year, but we have these seniors leaving and we’re just going to try and go out and do our thing next year too.”

All while continuing to rub the fact she has a state ring in dad’s face.

“For a very long time, probably until he gets one,” she said with a smile.