Jacob Enns saw the Spectrum Sports camera and balloons and thought they were for his teammates Andrew Cunningham and Richard Gouraige.

While those highly touted football prospects are certainly worthy of coverage, the attention wasn't for them. It was for Enns.

We surprised the Cambridge Christian senior on Wednesday when he found out he is the Tampa Bay male 2017 Spectrum Sports Scholarship winner.

"I had no idea," Enns said. "I was looking around for my teammates Richard and Andrew. I was like where are they, I thought this was (for them). I didn’t think this was for me. I was just awestruck. It was amazing.

"I was just so happy and amazed. I really have no words for it."

Enns had plenty of words in his application essay. He has a 4.67 GPA and a plethora of community service.

But it was his essay that set him apart from the hundreds of other applicants.

He told his story of overcoming being born with a club foot to become a kicker. Enns has never let his limitations hold him back from obtaining his goals. He will continue to kick at Samford University.

"It means a lot because it shows that my story does matter to people and that they do appreciate what I’ve done and that it does have an impact on others," Enns said. "That just means a lot to me that that’s true.”