Jonathan Fisher's state championship game didn't exactly begin the way he envisioned.

"To start the game, I was actually extremely nervous," Fisher said  "I mean, the state finals, its the biggest show in high school baseball and it was my last game, so I was nervous just to go out there and try to put a good start out there."

One hit batter, one walk, and then Fisher settled in.

"I had a little bit of a rocky start and then my coach calmed me down and from there, the nerves went away," he said, "and I was able to just pitch my game and just do what I do."

And because Fisher did what he did, Calvary Christian won its first state championship. The Warriors did it without dropping a game.

"They have earned it," Calvary Christian head coach Greg Olsen said. "Watching them back in the fall, working so hard, just working towards this goal. It was a simple, simple motive just to go out and and play hard and that's what they did and they had so much fun doing it."

Fisher finished his senior year with a perfect 11-0 record to go along with his team's perfect 30-0 record. Not a bad way to cap off a high school career.

"It's honestly surreal," Fisher said. "It's going to take a little bit for it to sink in and really for me to know like even what this is.

"We talked about it in the beginning of the year, like, oh undefeated, but to actually do it and to be 11-0, it's all too much for me to process right now. I'm on cloud nine."