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Who do you think gave the best speech so far at the DNC?

Do you think Bill Clinton's speech Tuesday night will eventually help Hillary Clinton win the election?

Do you think Bernie Sanders got a fair shot this election?

Do you think stepping down as DNC chair was the right choice for Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Do you think Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump’s secret weapon?

Do you feel that Republicans will come out of their convention feeling stronger and more unified?

Do you feel that more could be done worldwide to combat terrorism?

In honor of National French Fry Day, how do you like your fries?

Do you believe race relations are improving in America?

How do you feel about NASA spacecraft Juno reaching Jupiter?

What is the best part of the 4th of July holiday?

What do you think about the federal judge blocking the new Florida abortion law?

In the wake of the Istanbul airport attack, do you believe more can be done to limit terrorist attacks worldwide?

In the wake of the Orlando and Istanbul attacks, do you believe more can be done to limit terrorist attacks worldwide?

With 3 million people signing a petition for another vote, do you think Britain should vote again on exiting the EU?

Do you think Democrats and Republicans should find a compromise on gun control?

Did you ever think an attack like this would happen this close to our area?

With the heavy rains that have hit Tampa Bay this week, have you been impacted?

Should the presiding judge in the Stanford rape case be forced to step down?

How are you preparing for Tropical Storm Colin?

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