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Do you think events like the IIFA are beneficial to the Bay area and specifically Tampa?

Do you think USF's decision to restrict students from taking a selfie on stage during graduation is fair?

Do you think the north Florida fisherman that reeled in the 11-foot, 805-pound mako shark should have released it?

With the Lightning down three games, do you think they still have a chance in the playoffs?

If you celebrate Easter, what's the main course for your dinner today?

Do you think private insurers like Lloyd's of London entering the marketplace will help lower and stabilize flood insurance rates in Florida?

How far do you think the Lightning will go in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Do you think your tax dollars are well spent?

Did you wait until the last day to finish your taxes?

What impact will Ryan Malone's arrest on DUI and cocaine possession charges have on the Tampa Bay Lightning as they head into the playoffs?

Do you think Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should have resigned?

Do you believe that GM is now doing all it can in wake of its massive recall connected to 13 deaths?

Should Jeb Bush enter the 2016 presidential race?

How much does the Florida Gators' Final Four appearance make up for the school's recent disappointment in football?

How do you think the state's legislative session is progressing?

It's going well(15%)
Lawmakers aren't getting to the important issues(74%)
I'm not sure(12%)

What's your favorite part of baseball season?

The game itself(47%)
The atmosphere(35%)
The food(18%)

Have you ever taken a 'selfie' while driving?

What's a selfie?(24%)

Do you think public schools should have a same sex classroom?

Do you agree with Pasco County government's idea of a tobacco-free employment policy?

Do you plan to attend any of the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg events?

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