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Who do you prefer as the next head football coach at USF?

What do you want to see incoming Congressman Charlie Crist focus on in office?

Do you think the Buccaneers will continue to win games and qualify for the playoffs?

TIME Person of the year 2016: Who would you vote for?

Do you feel that Trevor Dooley, convicted in 2010 shooting death of a Valrico neighbor, should be out on bail during his appeal?

Do you plan on making a charitable donation for Giving Tuesday?

Do you think the Ohio State University made the right move by tweeting: Run Hide Fight?

Do you think the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania should take place?

How will you be spending Thanksgiving?

When do you start your holiday shopping?

Do you agree with the Pope's decision to extend permission on abortion forgiveness?

Do you plan to go out to shop on Black Friday?

What do you think of the people protesting Donald Trump's presidential win?

YES or NO: Should President-Elect Trump now address his previous claims that the election was "rigged"?


Do you prefer to vote in person on Election Day?

Did you participate in early voting this year?

Election Day is in one week. Are you suffering from political post fatigue on social media?

Yes, I have reduced my time on social media(51%)
No, I haven't changed my time on social media(32%)
I have actually been more engaged on social media(17%)

Have you voted yet?

How often do you drive on Interstate 4?

Do you plan to attend any local political rallies before Election Day?

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