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What do you feel would be the most important topic for Donald Trump to discuss in Tampa today?

Do you consider yourself "hurricane prepared?"

Do you think third party candidates should have easy access to electoral ballots in all 50 states?

Do you feel US swimmer Ryan Lochte and his teammates should face some type of punishment over their controversy in Brazil?

Do you feel US swimmer Ryan Lochte and his teammates gave an accurate account of what happened to them?

Do you believe there should be an ideological test for admission to the Unites States?

How much of the Olympic Games are you watching?

Have you completed all your back to school preparations ahead of Wednesday's first day of school?

Where do you find better deals: Walmart.com or Amazon.com?

Does your credit card chip make you feel protected?

Are you happy that school starts earlier this year?

Who do you think gave the best speech so far at the DNC?

Do you think Bill Clinton's speech Tuesday night will eventually help Hillary Clinton win the election?

Do you feel that Republicans will come out of their convention feeling stronger and more unified?

Do you feel that more could be done worldwide to combat terrorism?

In honor of National French Fry Day, how do you like your fries?

Do you believe race relations are improving in America?

How do you feel about NASA spacecraft Juno reaching Jupiter?

Do you agree with the TBX planning group's approval to keep the massive region roadway plan intact for the future?

Do you think Democrats and Republicans should find a compromise on gun control?

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