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What's the worst traffic spot in the Tampa Bay area?

Would you consider flying on pilotless planes in the future?

When fishing, do you typically catch and release or harvest?

Catch and release(74%)

Do you plan on attending any of the Grand Prix events this weekend in St. Petersburg?

Do you think Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy too early?

Would you vote for a presidential candidate who was not born in the United States?

Which one of the remaining St. Pete Pier designs do you ultimately prefer?

The Presbyterian church has formally approved gay marriage in its church constitution. Do you agree with this decision?

Clearwater is trying a new ferry service to Clearwater Beach. Should taxpayer dollars be used for additional ferry service around the Bay area?

Do you think smoking should be banned in personal vehicles when children are present?

If the next presidential election were held today, would you vote for Jeb Bush?

What do you think about the Tampa Police Department's use of body cameras?

Who do you think should be held responsible for the ongoing issues with the state's computer-based school testing?

Do you think Gay-Straight Alliances should be allowed in middle schools?

Should Florida's Confederate soldiers be eligible for induction into the state Veterans Hall of Fame?

What's the best thing about March?

In light of Superintendent MaryEllen Elia's most recent award, do you believe the school board was wrong to fire her?

What is your favorite part of the Strawberry Festival?

How do you think the Tampa Bay Rays will do this season?

Who do you think will win today's Daytona 500?

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