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PolitiFact: Attempted terrorist attack on Fort Knox in 2011?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin rates a claim about whether or not there was an attempted terrorist attack on Fort Knox in 2011.

Holder speaks at resignation announcement

Attorney General Eric Holder speaks to media and staff at his resignation announcement on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

President Obama thanks Eric Holder

President Barack Obama thanks Attorney Eric Holder's resignation announcement on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Political experts on medical marijuana amendment

Our political analysts Michelle Ertel and Jeremiah Jaspon debate Florida's medical marijuana amendment.

Experts discuss possible U.S.reaction to ISIL militants

Experts discuss potential U.S. reactions to the threat made by ISIL militants.

Frey speaks on ISIL situation

Political Analyst Lou Frey speaks with News 13 about President Obama's decision to act against ISIL.

PolitiFact: Corporate income tax less revenue now than in 1952?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin puts a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) claim to the Truth-O-Meter about corporate income taxes today compared to 1952.

PolitiFact: Ice Bucket Challenge money going to the wrong place?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin uses the Truth-O-Meter to rate a claim made by bloggers about where the money from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is really going to.

News 13's political experts on 2016 presidential candidates

News 13's political experts break down early polling results for the 2016 presidential candidates; some of the results may surprise you.

News 13's political experts on medical marijuana

News 13's political experts weigh in on the possibility of medical marijuana being passed, and not passed with November's election.

PolitiFact: Pot a cause of fatal car accidents?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin fires up the Truth-O-Meter to rate a claim about marijuana and fatal car accidents and whether or not the two are tied together.

Interview with Jennifer Sullivan

23-year-old Jennifer Sullivan speaks to News 13 about her recent victory and being elected as a state representative.

PoltiiFact: Is America a "Confederacy of Fools?"

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin opens the email inbox to rate a claim made about President Barack Obama and the people who voted him into office.

In Depth: Pam Bondi and the gay marriage ruling

News 13 Political Analysts Michelle Ertel and Jeremiah Jaspon discuss Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her recent decisions surrounding the gay marriage debate.

Charlie Crist at Democratic Unity Rally

Charlie Crist campaigns with top Democrats at a Unity Rally in Orlando Thursday.

Jennifer Sullivan on her election victory

Jennifer Sullivan won the election for Florida House District 31. She's only 23.

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