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President Obama unveils immigration plan

President Obama unveils his executive actions to reform immigration.

Adrian Wyllie: Libertarians are gaining momentum

Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian candidate in the Florida gubernatorial election, says voters are disgusted with the two-party system.

PolitiFact: Was there a no-Ebola guarantee for the U.S.?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin looks into a Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) claim regarding whether or not the U.S. guaranteed that Ebola would never reach our shores.

PolitiFact: Health care costs reducing the deficit?

PolitiFact's Joshua Gillin takes a look at a President Obama claim that lower health care costs for the government are leading to deficit reductions.

John Morgan: Medical marijuana fight not over

Attorney John Morgan said he is disappointed but he will not stop fighting to make medical marijuana legal in Florida.

Charlie Crist concedes the election

Charlie Crist urges Floridians to work together in his concession speech.

Scott: 'It's time to put division behind us and come together'

Gov. Rick Scott said he ready to put the bitterness of the gubernatorial race in the past and work with Democrats.

Gov. Scott urges Floridians to move forward

Gov. Scott won re-election Tuesday night and urged Floridians to come together to make the state the best place to get a job.

George Sheldon is gracious in defeat

Democratic George Sheldon addresses the media and supporters after losing his bid for Florida attorney general.

Pam Bondi wins 2nd AG term in a rout

Here is a cut from Pam Bondi victory speech. The incumbent Republican defeated George Sheldon and Bill Wohlsifer.

Greenlight Pinellas could re-emerge

Greenlight Pinellas supporter Chris Steinocher, president of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, addresses what's next for public transit in the county.

No Tax for Tracks group rejoices

Spokesperson Barb Haselden says voters have spoken about light rail in Pinellas County.

Attorney General Pam Bondi re-elected

Attorney General Pam Bondi wins re-election. She talks to supporters Tuesday night.

Alan Grayson talks about his re-election

Congressman Alan Grayson explains how he got re-elected and when he plans to continue to do in the US House.

Scott: We're gonna win because we have passion

Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist are making their last campaign pitches before Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

Crist: We're excited, get out and vote

Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist are making their last campaign pitches before Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

Florida House of Representatives District 29 race

Two seasoned politicians are pitted against one another in the Florida House of Representatives District 29 race.

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