Are you afraid of trees? There’s a phobia for that. What about clowns in general, and not just Pennywise? There’s definitely one for that.  According to Psychology Today, millions of people all have phobias that fall into certain categories: animals, natural environments, injuries and other situations like being in an elevator or flying on a plane. Here is a list of phobias you might have and never heard of.

1. Trypophobia

Fear of small holes or bumps

2. Nomophobia

Fear of being without access to a working cell phone

3. Hylophobia

Fear of forests

4. Scriptophobia

Fear of writing in public

5. Anuptaphobia

Fear of being single or staying single

6. Gamophobia

Fear of marriage, or a serious relationship

7. Sesquipedalophobia

Fear of long words

8. Somniphobia

Fear of falling asleep

9. Ombrophobia

Fear of rain

10. Zoophobia

Fear of animals

11. Phobophobia

Fear of getting a phobia

12. Toxiphbia

Fear if poison or being poisened 

13.  Triskaidekaphobia

Fear of the number 13