ORLANDO, Fla. -- Halloween Horror Nights 28 is currently underway at Universal Orlando.

The event features a record 10 scream-inducing haunted houses this year.  

Each house is based on a popular horror franchise or an original concept from Universal Entertainment.

In addition to the houses, there are also five terrifying scare zones and a stage show called "Academy of Villains: Cyberpunk, which combines dance, acrobatics and a bass-pumping soundtrack.

But not all houses are created equally. Some induce real terror, while others are just cool to wander through.

Here's a totally unscientific ranking of the top five houses at this year's event based on thrills, chills and creativity.

5. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Horror icon Michael Myers is back and out for revenge. This house includes scenes from the fourth film in the "Halloween" franchise, and features the masked maniac taking a slash at visitors -- over and over again.

There are plenty of dark corners and strobing effects to create the terror. But one of the best parts has to be the "Halloween" soundtrack blaring throughout.

4. Dead Exposure: Patient Zero

This original creation is frightening mostly because you can't see the approaching zombies. It's Paris circa 1982 and the undead are roaming the streets. As soon as you walk through the house, you're faced with unrelenting strobe lights. The idea is to mimic blindness. It's very disorienting, especially since there are a lot of scares away. A lot.

3. Seeds of Extinction

Seeds of Extinction is the most surprising house in Universal's arsenal this year.

On the surface, overgrown, killer plants don't sound too terrifying. However, with the scenery being mostly greenery, the scare actors (dressed as various types of plants) blend in perfectly. It makes for some truly surprising scares.

2. Poltergeist

The Poltergeist house seems to be among the most popular houses this year. And, rightfully so.

It's not enough that you have to go into an "underground" crypt filled with skeletons and tombstones. From there you'll enter other scenes from the film, including one with Carol Anne saying, "They're here."

Dozens of special effects are used to create a "paranormal" vibe in the house. Without spoiling anything, be sure to look out for a disappearing, reappearing door.

The wait time on the first day of HHN 28 hovered around 100 minutes.

1. Stranger Things

The amount of detail used in this house is overwhelming. From the scare actors who are basically dopplegangers for their on-screen counterparts to the near perfect recreations of the Byers' living room, fans of the show will not be disappointed.

Just so you know, the wait time for this house hovered just above 100 minutes. 

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights now through Nov. 3.

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