ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Saturday morning was the sixth annual "Run For All Children," where thousands of people laced up their shoes and ran in either a 10K, 5K, or one-mile fun run.

All the money raised will go to the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

The race at St. Petersburg was also about bringing the community together and to help the children and families being cared for at the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

The energy was incredible as runners took off from the starting line.

Six years ago, the first Run For All Children race was held. Now, the event has grown and each year more people participate and more money is raised.

The proceeds benefit the patients at the hospital to make sure their stay is the best it can be.

And those children got a chance to see exactly how much the community cares about them and wants them to get better.

They got to look out their windows and saw the crowd of more than 1,600 people waving ahead of the race.

"That's why we do this, right? For people to look up at the hospital and to now the kids are in there looking down and knowing we’re going to do that run for them, I think it fills your heart and gives you the energy to go run," said the hospital's Executive Vice President Jenine Rabin.

The hope is that each year, this race will grow and of course that means even more funds will be raised.

However, organizers said their favorite part of this day is seeing all the people who come out to support the patients, families, and staff at the hospital.

NOTE: An earlier headline incorrectly used John instead of Johns when identifying the hospital.