One of the chief arguments that advocates for Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy tout is that they say he's the only Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

That's apparently true in Florida, at least according to a poll released on Tuesday. The Mason-Dixon survey shows that Biden is the only Democrat among four who were listed in a one-on-one matchup with the president who comes out on top.

  • Florida's 29 electoral votes are the most of any swing-state in the 2020 contest.
  • Biden has consistently fared best against Trump in Florida polls.
  • Another poll taken in October showed Elizabeth Warren leading Trump.

The survey shows Biden leading Trump in the Sunshine State, 47%-45%. The survey of 625 registered Florida voters was conducted from December 11-16.

The poll also shows Trump leading three other Democrats considered to be in the top tier of candidates running for president.

In a head-to head matchup with South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Trump leads 49%-45%.

A Trump-Bernie Sanders race has the president on top, 49%-44%.

And in a one-on-one battle against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Trump gets over 50 percent in the survey, leading Warren 51%-42%.

Two recent polls taken in 2019 show Biden with a modest lead over Trump in Florida. A New York Times/Sienna University poll taken in October had Biden up 46%-44%. while a University of North Florida survey also conducted in October had Biden up by five percentage points, 48%-43% (that same poll also showed Warren leading Trump,46%-43%).

A Florida Atlantic University poll taken in September had Trump ahead of Biden by one point, 50%-49%.

While most Florida-based polls conducted in 2019 show Biden to fare best against the president, he is not the only Democrat who has led Trump in such surveys.

Senator Warren led Trump in a North Florida University survey conducted in October, 46%-43%.

And a Quinnipiac survey taken way back in June showed Biden, Sanders and Warren all leading Trump in Florida. That survey also showed that two Democrats who have since dropped out of the race, California Senator Kamala Harris and former Texas U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, also had leads over the president. 

Trump won Florida by 1.2 percentage points over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Its 29 electoral votes are the most of the swing states that are expected to decide the 2020 contest.

Florida Democrats will get their chance to decide on the party's nominee on March 17. That's after more than half the states in the country will have gone to the polls, meaning the field of candidates could be trimmed down by then.