TAMPA, Fla. — With a new push for masks, two Florida companies are doing their part: making unique face shields and cloth masks.

The machinery at Florida Centerline Group usually makes signs. Now, employees are using them to make face shields.

They've named them "Bioshield Plus."

"We decided to see if there’s a way we can come up with something, even if it’s a little crazy design, and see if people can use it. To help them," said President Dustin Holzberger.

Using materials and equipment they had on hand, they came up with Bioshield Plus.

The face shields are designed for medical workers who need extra protection.  The University of Miami ordered 60, among hundreds that have gone out around the country.

"It’s crazy to see people all over the country that are reaching out to us and buying them," Holzberger said.

In the very same building, Cushion Solutions changed their work as well. They're going from making outdoor cushions to cloth face masks, which may soon be in high demand.

"It feels good to be able to help. Plus it keeps a couple of employees going. Maybe this will help get us through this crisis," said President Denis Flagler.

The two businesses started out to help the bay area community but are now ready to help anyone across the country.

"We didn’t know we’d be shipping masks to Virginia and South Carolina. We’d like to help our local community and anyone that feels in need," Holzberger said.

Both companies made one website where both kinds of masks can be purchased. For more information, visit their website.

Masks for the general public

At Tyton Design and Development in Bradenton, every stitch, is made with pinpoint precision.

On Saturday morning, there were around seven master sewers creating hundreds of masks every hour.

“Each station of three can do 2,000 masks per shift,” said owner Ty Salvatore. 

Masks aren’t even their specialty.

Salvatore’s team normally makes wheelchair accessories, but with the massive need for supplies like masks, face shields and gowns, they’ve switched gears.

“I woke up one Friday and said ‘you know what, let’s try to fulfill this,’” he said. “So far, we have donated and sold over 250,000 masks.”

With the CDC's newest recommendation for Americans to wear cloth or fabric masks, his business has skyrocketed.

Salvatore hired more sewers, which allows them to make hundreds of more masks, by the hour.

“We make around 4,000 masks a day for the general public and first responders,” says Salvatore. “I am so proud of this team, it really feels great to give back.

They are selling every mask for $6.

To purchase a mask, gown, or face shield, visit their website.