There are 186 days until the 2021 Florida State Fair.

Fair leaders say it’s still on — it’s just going to look a little different, thanks to the increased safety measures they are implementing in this Pandemic crisis.

The Fairgrounds is currently playing host to a newly imagined event-- the “Fair Food Frenzy,” a pop-up, fair-food drive-through.

And it’s got all your favorites.

Turkey legs? Check.

Cotton Candy? Check.

Funnel Cake? You know it’s a check.

Kevin McGrath from “The Best Around Concessions” joined with another family of Florida concessionaires to create the event.

“We’ve been basically shut down with no income whatsoever since March,” said McGrath. “We tried in our hometown of Cape Coral, put a trailer up in a few places on the side of the road. But it wasn’t profitable at all. So we are very fortunate, very happy that we can at least be able to do this.”

Once people order and get in line in their cars, runners deliver their food hot, and people can eat at home or hang out at the fair’s socially distanced picnic table.  There is even an opportunity for walk up orders.

It’s all part of adapting to Life in The Time of Coronavirus.

“It’s been a crazy world. It’s been tough on everybody so this small little thing I believe has helped several people- just get out of the house if nothing else,” said McGrath.

The event runs Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Guests should enter the Florida State Fairgrounds via the entrance gate on US Highway 301.

Yes - the Fried Oreos are there.

And yes, you can get the cream cheese icing on the Red Velvet Funnel Cake

You’re welcome.