“Being myself in the games has taught me how to be myself in like reality.“

What You Need To Know

First, Lili Spurgeon found courage in her favorite hobby.

And now she is using her computer experience to boost her learning experience at home.

Already adept at headphones and screen presentations, the 9-year-old says she is feeling OK about her start in distance learning, one that included a change in school to accommodate their online academic needs.

“I probably want to be a coder because I really like coding. I like the stuff you can do. You can do so much stuff- you can create like apps, you can create websites, you can make games,” Spurgeon said.

Her glassblowing artist father David has devoted his time and energy during the pandemic to helping his children with on-line school.

David is also helping teach Emi, their 5-year-old Kindergartener.

Mom Linda works in IT for a global bank.

Dad says Mom definitely passed on some technological prowess!

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