My style or esthetic is street chic. I always believe, you know, woman we can be sassy but still classy, never slutty.”
-Danielle Brion, Owner/Founder, House of Dani. B

Tampa-based Designer Danielle Brion is preparing for her first in-person fashion show since COVID-19 cancelled her collection launch party this spring.

It’s part of a fall fundraiser from Stageworks Theatre happening Saturday, October 3.

What You Need To Know

It will be online and in-person with adherence to all CDC regulations.

The costumes Danielle created are based on the a Stageworks production The Revolutionists. It’s a play about a group of women during the height of the French Revolution.

Danielle says she was unsure if she would participate in the show, but made herself do it, for a few reasons, but especially for representation.

“Latinas, we kind of don't really have as much fame as well as other ethnicities do. So that's why I'm like, OK. I'm going to I'm going to be this world-renowned Latin designer. People are going to know who I am. They're gonna know that I'm Latina,” said Brion. “I feel like Latinas, you know, we always have a little bit more class. I don't mean to sound like stuck up or anything, but I that's how I feel.”

Brion was invited to go to New York Fashion Week in February along with her BBF, designer DeJohnea Thorpe.

They work next door to one another in a former cigar factory in West Tampa.

Together they are fighting their way forward in fashion, friendship and Life in The Time of Coronavirus.

Most important to Brion— bringing those around her along for a success ride.