St. Pete Outfitters has been busy.

In the strange and grim lottery of potential COVID-19-related business outcomes, a fishing tackle store has seen a substantial influx of new customers — in addition to its regulars.

And this trend is not going away.

That’s according to Tammy Greene from St. Pete Fishing Outfitters.

In addition to being an outdoor activity, fishing is also a useful life skill.

“Truthfully, a lot of people were like, you know, ‘I want to have everything I need in case there is a full shutdown for an amount of time and we can't get food from the grocery stores, you know, that I can provide for my family,’” Greene said.

Greene said store employees ares happy to share their love of fishing with more and more people.

“You know, I see these pictures,” said Greene, of the store’s customers, with their children and spouses. “I believe it’s going to stick around.”

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