“It's the scenery that you get to live in, it's a million dollar view. And you're not paying a million dollars. You know, it's – it's just fantastic.”

    -Andy Morgan, Full-Time RV-er

Six years ago, Andy Morgan and his wife Sarah gave up their corporate jobs, sold their home, and hit the road to live and work in beautiful places.

They are full-time RV-ers that blog and post photographs.

From the west Texas desert to the rocky terrain of coastal Maine, they work seasonally in nature centers and parks and galleries.

“The jobs we've worked since the pandemic have been suited for this,” Morgan said.

 “You know, we can, you know, kind of stay in a beautiful place. It's isolated like this, usually around caring people.”

“Like this” is the Big Cypress Preserve in Western Everglades. This is where Andy and Sarah were working when the pandemic took hold of the country.

“The pandemic cut down on traffic, so there's no road noise,” Morgan said. “It was it was one of the best places I could have asked to be when that hit.”

Morgan says he pulls up to million dollar views without million dollar prices.

The couple will stay in the swamps until the Spring then head north back to Maine.

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