“I don't know unless I try, you know what I mean? And being in classical art and drawing and painting--you learn to fail a lot. So it's just part of the process.”

-Anthony Stokes, Fine Art teacher, on striking out on his own as an instructor, unafraid of the unknown future

Fearlessness on the canvas helped one Tampa Bay area fine artist find the faith to make his own opportunities after he lost his job during the pandemic.

When his job ended at a local art school, Anthony Stokes decided to launch his own teaching studio.

What You Need To Know

And he’s doing it all online.

“So basically what I do is I structure the process of a drawing for everybody, and I try to make it as easy as possible,” Stokes explained, saying anyone could learn to draw. “It just takes it just takes a little teaching- that’s all--and patience.”

From his Bradenton studio, he teaches the foundations of art to students around the world - from Egypt to Mississippi.

While he is creating his website for Out of Darkness studios, he uses his social media to show his work.

And when not teaching art, he is creating his own and also tattooing.

For the past year, our Virginia Johnson has been talking to people from all walks of life in the Tampa Bay Area about Life in The Time of Coronavirus.

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