Our latest Everyday Hero is doing her part to bring the coronavirus pandemic to an end - and is making sure her neighbors stay protected.

What You Need To Know

She's helping dozens of vulnerable residents get the help they need.

For Clearwater’s Ann Kromer, hours on the internet has been a big part of her days - not looking for deals on groceries or clothing but searching for COVID shots for her senior citizen neighbors who were having a tough time negotiating through all of this.

“We started looking at the websites and we realized that there were ways to sometimes get lucky. So we started scheduling some of our neighbors and word spread quickly,” Kromer said.

She didn’t even know many of the neighbors she was helping.

Kromer and her husband Mike held classes around their dining table with neighbors, explaining the many websites.

Ann and Mike both have strong technology backgrounds.

“In the beginning, it was easier to schedule people in Hernando and Pasco and because it was statewide it didn’t matter that we didn’t live there,” Ann said.

And Mike stepped in if those neighbors didn’t drive.

“He drove one neighbor to Weeke Wachee to a Publix. Others he drove to St. Pete and up in Hernando and Pasco,” she said.

To date over 70 of their neighbors have been vaccinated.

Amazingly, while this was going on, Ann was facing serious medical concerns requiring several surgeries.

The most recent surgery was in February with a one week hospital stay. But her efforts didn’t stop.

“However they had the internet there and we were able to continue to schedule people,” she said, calling it her “IV and iPad period.”

“It feels good when you can do something for someone and they are so happy and so grateful,” she said.