Looking for a story about love beyond grave -- a more funny than creepy one?

You’ve got it in Stageworks's "Blithe Spirit," playing through June 17 in Downtown Tampa’s Channelside District.

This story, written by playwright Noel Coward, is a cautionary tale about séances. When you’re at one, be careful of whom you’re thinking, as the repercussions could be otherworldly.

The setting for this spirited comedy is 1940's Kent in Great Britain.

In one scene, the living room is adorned with a gramophone and piano, a grandfather clock and Persian rug -- basically, all the best furnishings of the day.

There are two characters in that living room. One is alive, while the other, not so much.

In the play, Charles Condomine is a writer who organized a séance in his home for research purposes. However, the psychic, well, bungled the ritual.

“As luck would have it, [the psychic] ends up bringing back the spirit of his first wife," explain Scott Swenson, who portrays Charles. "But only he can see her and hear her.”

Yes, no one else can see the beautiful Elvira, and that includes Charles's current wife, Ruth. But it doesn’t stop Elvira from completely terrorizing her.

Lauren Buglioli plays the meddlesome spirit Elvira, who practically floats in her elegant gown, long, beaded necklace and sparkling headband.

"It's fun for the audience to watch the dynamic of Charles trying to make this relationship work with his current wife and his diseased wife,” Buglioli said. “It’s a comedy of errors."