ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Have you taken a selfie lately? 

Well, unlock your phone and go to your photos.

Find your selfie and delete it -- because there's an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg that will change your selfie game.

Ironically titled, "This is Not a Selfie," the exhibition is on display through Nov. 25.

"The premise of this exhibition," explained Robin O’Dell, "is that a self-portrait in the hands of an artist is something different -- something more than that-- it's about ideas."

The ideas can be about humor -- a 1930s era Vogue Magazine Art Director put glasses on his foot. 

And that was his selfie!

And the ideas can be about gender politics and race.

Artist Lyle Ashton Harris, in collaboration with artist Renee Cox, cross dresses in a "family" self-portrait, blurring familial roles.

Andy Warhol was a fan of photo booths, one of the many times he made himself the subject of his work.

French painter Yves Klein presented a photo of himself leaping out of a second-story window in 1960.

Photoshop wasn't a thing, so this provocative shot is a painstaking combination of two pictures -- what you don’t see are the friends holding a tarpaulin for his safe landing.

And the best part -- he spread this picture in a way that predated the internet. 

"He made it into a newspaper, and distributed it all over Paris so it kind of went viral," said O’Dell.

There are opportunities for your own selfie fun -- funhouse mirrors, disco balls and live filer projections can up your selfie game.

"It's definitely a place where you can come and be creative," said O’Dell.

And if you post on social media with the hashtag “notaselfieMFA,” your pictures can be part of the projected fun on the exhibition walls.