ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Always wanted to take a selfie with Salvador Dali but figured you were a few decades too late? Not anymore!

In "Dali Lives: Art Meets Artificial Intelligence," a Dali likeness appears, walks, and chats in kiosks outside the museum's entrance, on the upper floor gallery and at the exit.

It's all thanks to technology capable of analyzing footage of the real Dali to create an interactive likeness.

“So without using a single frame from those films we create an algorithm that produces a Dali likeness," explained Dali’s Executive Director Dr. Hank Hine.

Think that's cool? How about this: the Dali at the exit asks to take a selfie with you, then he texts it to your phone.

No Kidding!

"If Dali were alive today this is what he'd be doing — playing with artificial intelligence,” said Hine, “but he doesn't have to be alive today because we brought him back to life."

To learn more about "Dali Lives: Art Meets Artificial Intelligence," watch the video above!