ANNA MARIA, Fla. — When’s the last time you took a trip down to Chinquapin Parish? If it's been a while, maybe it's time for a return trip, via Anna Maria.

The Island Players of Anna Maria are putting on the classic "Steel Magnolias."

It’s a story about the beauty and power of women, and it all starts at the beauty shop.

"Steel Magnolias" opens the 71st season at the Island Players.

The story of enduring friendships works right into the story of the Island Players. They are another tightknit group supporting each other on and off-stage.

The theater started in 1949, and every year of working so closely to create something beautiful results in unbreakable bonds, just like the bonds of the beauty shop.

For a behind the scenes preview of the production, watch the video above!

Steel Magnolias opens on Sept. 19 and it continues on select dates through Sept. 29.