ORLANDO, Fla. — As Disney World and other theme parks reopen, new kinds of safety procedures are popping up everywhere.

In this On The Town Exclusive, we found out about one attractions design company creating a kiosk built for both safety and efficiency.

1. ITEC Entertainment is showing us a brand new touchless temp-taking kiosk that they've just created.

“We started designing it when we were cooped up in our building or in our homes,” says ITEC CEO & President Bill Cohen. “Thermal imaging — it's not unusual technology. It's been in airports for years, just never applied to the way theme parks are operating.”

2. So here's how it works. You walk up to a tablet that's attached to a stand and you put your face toward the screen. If your temperature is normal, a voice message lets you know. An alarm will sound if your temperature is high.

3. Right now, theme parks like Aquatica, for instance, are designating employees to take guests' temps. But Cohen thinks “a lot of that will evolve to automation.”

4. I asked Cohen about the next step. What about creating technology for thermal imaging to happen above guests' heads so that when they walk into a theme park, they won't have to pause at a kiosk? “We'll have this by the end of the year. Probably sooner.”

5. Meanwhile, the newly-developed kiosk can be programmed to detect the absence of a face mask, setting off a warning. Just this past week, ITEC put the kiosks on the market and started reaching out to companies.​