TAMPA, Fla. — Practicing yoga opens your heart and helps to heal.

What You Need To Know

  • Find ways to re-connect body and mind: through yoga movement, breathing, or even just walking

  • Try keeping a 5-minute-a-day gratitude journal

  • Learn more about Kodawari Studios

We asked Annette Scott, the founder of Kodawari Studios in Tampa, how she is facing the multiple calamities in our world today.

She’s a licensed massage therapist, a yoga instructor, holistic wellness coach and a doula.

She says yoga’s movement and breathing help to connect the body and mind, and it can be difficult during a pandemic and social unrest.

“Fear can be a great wake up call to making sure that we're not reckless in our lives," Scott explained. "And yet, if it's all your eating and the only thing you're eating, if you don't have any joy, you're going to become sick at the heart level.”

Scott says it doesn’t have to be yoga. Even a 20-minute walk is beneficial.

She suggests stepping away from news when you become overwhelmed and try keeping a 5-minute daily gratitude journal.

Simple actions can make a positive impact on our attitude.

These activities can better prepare you for the new stressors in our world today.