HOMESTEAD, Fla. — Looking for a day trip adventure that will transport you to ecosystems around the globe? Well look no further than the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead.

  • Park contains fruit from across the globe
  • 44 acres of lush garden paradise
  • Park opens seven days a week, 9 a.m. — 5 p.m.

Lori and her daughter, visiting from Coral Springs, weren’t sure what to expect when they set foot on this 44 acre lush garden paradise, but when all was said and done their eyes were opened to a whole new slice of life.

''We were just thrilled, we ate more fruit on this little tour than we have in a month!" Lori said.

The Fruit and Spice park offers something of a unique experience. It's the only park in the U.S. where you can find hundreds of different types of fruit from across the globe.

"The park is divided into different ethnobotanical regionals, like tropical Americas, South Pacific, Africa, and Asian regions," Park Manager Jim Stripling said.

What makes it even more unique is that you get to sample whatever you like, as long as it’s on the ground.

You can find everything from Banana trees, dragon fruit, mangos, lychee, mulberry, and plenty more depending on what's in season during the different times of the year.

In total there are more than 500 varieties of fruits, veggies, and herbs you can find tucked away in the tropical paradise.

''It's been such a fun learning experience I recommend it to anyone who wants to eat healthy and learn nutritional values about the earth," Lori said.

The Fruit and Spice park is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information head to the park's website.