STATEWIDE — Florida is home to big cats and you can see them, and other animals, from the safety of Kowiachobee Animal Preserve.

Here's 5 things you need to know:

1. Kowiachobee Animal Preserve is a big cat rescue located in the heart of Naples. It is home to dozens of big cats, including the Florida panther, tigers, and lions. 

2. The preserve sits on dozens of acres and you can walk back through the lush trails and explore the other animals it takes in. The preserve has raccoons, zebras, alligators, and are expanding to make an entire reptile outdoor walk-through area. 

3. The facility is owned and operated by a local family with more than three decades of experience working with and rescuing animals from around the country and the world. 

4. The preserve’s newest addition is a famously trained alligator named Bubba. This famous gator worked alongside people like Steve Erwin and has appeared on late-night talk shows like the David Letterman Show. He is now retired and resides on the property where guests can visit with him. 

5. Visits and tours are by appointment only, so you must call ahead before visiting. The preserve will not allow you on the property unless you call ahead. ​For more information, check out its website.