HOLIDAY, Fla. — Some drivers in Pasco County have been using an illegal cut through to avoid waiting at a red light.

The issue is playing out in the city of Holiday, and it has become such a concern that residents reached out to Real Time Traffic Reporter Chuck Henson for help.

Beth Quinn and her family have been in Holiday at the Tahitian Gardens Condominiums since the 1980s.

Many of the residents there don't have cars, or choose to walk over taking a car to nearby businesses.

Quinn is worried about the safety of her neighbors, specifically at a parking lot that has become a cut-through for traffic on Darlington Road.

"They're going to see the light is red, and they know that they can cut through the parking lot and take a short cut, and beat the light and turn right and head south," Quinn said.

When traffic backs up eastbound on Darlington, many drivers make a quick right into the parking lot, then rejoin Southbound U.S. 19 at the Tahitian Resort.

"It squeezes things out over here for people who are leaving here, walking, riding a bike, doing however to get over to CVS or Aldi's," Quinn said. "And so it kind of is a dangerous situation."

It is illegal to cut through a parking lot. It's a violation of travel lanes, and that carries a $164 fine.

Kevin Doll of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office says deputies have been at the location several times.

"All of the violators live in the general area, and it has become so prevalent that in about an hour, at least 30 violators were identified and warned," Doll said.

The district supervisor thinks the problem is the parking lot. A redesign would be in order to remove what appears to be a legitimate travel lane.

He also believes the county and state could install a longer dedicated right turn lane on Darlington.

Any redesign of the parking lot would be the responsibility of the lot owners. The county can't force them to make changes, only just enforce the existing laws.