Violence isn’t new to South Los Angeles. In the week that Nipsey Hussle died, 11 other people killed in the area.

Arvis Jones and Nicole Williams are mothers who understand what the families of those victims are going through, as they previously lost their sons to gun violence.

Alex Cohen talked to them about how losing their sons to gun violence changed their lives and how they have dealt with the loss.

Jones is a grief, loss and trauma specialist in the Los Angeles area.

“One thing I tell people: the memories that we try and shy away from, the memories that are painful and hurtful at first, they become comforting. So in our groups we share memories about our loved ones and we learn to not keep it inside,” she said.

Arvis Jones, BA, MT, MA, leads Grief & Loss Support Groups on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm PT, at the Westmont Counseling Center, 1704 Manchester Ave., Suite 202A, Los Angeles, CA 90047. You can also call (424) 312-2311 for more information.