There is a breathing room at the Dali Museum's latest exhibition "Dali & da Vinci: Minds, Machines and Masterpieces."

The room sort of...well, it breathes. The walls move in and out and are soaked in bright colors, and sounds of a woman breathing and sighing bounce off the undulating walls.

The fantastical creation is the realization of a Salvador Dali idea for an invention. And it is one of the exhibition highlights.

"I think they will be really entertained by it and really surprised," said Peter Tush, the museum's Curator of Education.

Tush says this latest exhibition shows how Leonardo da Vinci the Renaissance man deeply influenced Dali the Surrealist.

"An artist does not only need to be a painter, an artist can be a creator," said Tush. "He can be a visionary, someone who is an iconoclast, and can be involved in amazing inventions and using humor in the work and being a writer as well as a theorists."

Recreations of da Vinci's work sit side-by-side with Dali's take on his masterpieces. Think Mona Lisa, but with a mustache.

The exhibition also boasts a section on math, a subject important to both artists.

"You'll discover through this exhibition the sheer magnitude of their accomplishments," said Tush.

And when can you step into a breathing room again?

"Dali & da Vinci: Minds, Machines and Masterpieces" will be on display through July 26.