The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is making recommendations following its review into the 2009 death of a Bay area woman.

Sheena Morris, 22, was found hanging in a Bradenton Beach hotel room on New Year's Day in 2009.

The Bradenton Beach Police Department conducted the initial investigation. At first the medical examiner ruled her death a suicide but the manner of death as later changed to "undetermined."

Morris' mom, Kelly Osborn, says she's never believed her daughter killed herself.

"Sheena absolutely loved life," she said. "She was very vibrant. She was a very social girl. As a matter of fact, that evening, she was texting one of her friends about how excited she was because her cousin was going into labor and Sheena was going to be an auntie."

Osborn has been fighting to get the case reopened for years, often working as an amateur detective in her search for answers.

In September, a special FDLE panel reviewed the case. They have come up with a set of recommendations which are being turned over to Bradenton Beach Police.

An FDLE spokeswoman won't say what the recommendations are but she says once the police chief has them he can either ignore them, start his own investigation or ask FDLE for help.

"With the case being reopened, then further investigation can start taking place and that's what really needs to be done," said Osborn.

Osborn has not received a copy of the panel's finding yet but she said she'd like to see FDLE step in to investigate.

"I would like resolution to this, because I really do want to live a life with my husband," she said. "I'd like to be a good wife again and be there again as just a normal person, as opposed to this person who every single day is working this case and not being heard."